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Merry Style

A brand created for women and girls who live in the HERE and NOW. They value freedom and an active lifestyle, and clothes are a way of expressing their unique style.

Merry Style is inspired by trends in global fashion but avoids following them blindly.

Movement, energy and fun with fashion. Seize the day!





Daily activity? Or maybe some well-deserved rest? Ladeheid is for wearing whatever the occasion may be!

The brand’s collections include practical footwear, functional underwear, as well as comfy dressing gowns and tasteful accessories for men, women and children.

Ladeheid designs fashion for everyday wear.


Everyday fashion


What would you say to a hint of everyday chic?

We create womenswear with a discrete elegant charm. How so?

We take a comprehensive approach to fashion. Thoughtful cuts and patterns. Care for high quality materials. Making sure the designs turn out precisely how we want them.

This is how all our products are made. Work, home or an evening out? We dress you for every occasion!


A touch of elegance

Be Mammy

New and future mums need appropriate cuts and practical solutions. At the same time, they don’t want to give up looking elegant.

Be Mammy responds to these needs.

We create fashions for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and babies. Be Mammy collections include underwear, clothing as well as some inventive accessories.


The delights of being

a mum


A brand that focuses on the masculine side of fashion. But not only!

Timone also features collections designed with children in mind.

Our specialty is underwear: everyday, nightwear and for bathing. We design clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin. For this reason, we place major emphasis on comfortable cuts and high quality materials.


A man’s point

of view


The beauty of the female figure deserves the right kind of frame.

Swimwear, comfortable home clothes, or maybe some fancy tights?

Antié creates women’s fashion that stays close.

Feminine freedom

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